Embedded Systems Development

 Embedded systems are everywhere and that shows no signs of letting up. The Internet of Things is the latest buzzword referring to network connected embedded systems which is estimated by Gartner to grow to an installed base of 26 billion units by 2020. These types of devices show up in everything from telematics applications to consumer electronics and infrastructure systems.

Castlebar Technologies has deep experience with different types of embedded devices. We have worked on flight software embedded in the TRMM VIRS instrument as a contractor. Additionally we have created both hardware and software under the Made for iOS (MFi) program while under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We have also worked with companies to prototype (both hardware and software) embedded devices that they have brought to market.

Castlebar Technologies has experience with small scale microprocessor systems (e.g. PIC family) as well as with digital signal processing (DSP) systems. We have also designed hardware and software for embedded bus systems deployed in industry. We will work with you from ideation all the way to product delivery. We are happy to sign an NDA once we are certain that the proposed project doesn't impinge upon our current working relationships.